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Which face wash is considered most effective for those with acne and combination skin?
Our clove and Tea Tree Oil face wash is highly suitable for individuals with acne and combination skin due to its natural antibacterial properties. Combining clove and tea tree oil helps target acne while balancing the oil levels in different areas of the skin. The antimicrobial qualities of these ingredients can assist in preventing breakouts and reducing inflammation, making it an effective choice for those with combination skin prone to acne.
How can I address both dry and oily areas effectively with a face wash for combination skin?
For dry skin is the Rice Water Foaming Face Wash, celebrated for its nourishing properties and ability to enhance hydration. Conversely, for oily skin, the Clove and Tea Tree Oil Foaming Face Wash stands out as a popular choice, appreciated for its effective oil control and blemish-preventing benefits. Both formulas cater to specific skin needs, earning acclaim for their consistent performance and positive impact on users' skincare routines.
How can I create a consistent skincare routine for my combination skin using face wash?

Consider using a Tangerine Orange face wash for its refreshing and antioxidant-rich properties. Tangerine orange helps balance oiliness and brightens the skin. Additionally, incorporate a Rice Water face wash to promote clarity and even tone. Use the Tangerine Orange face wash in the morning and the Rice Water face wash in the evening for a comprehensive approach.
What ingredients should be avoided in face washes for combination skin?
For combination skin, avoid face washes containing harsh sulphates, as they can strip natural oils, leading to imbalances. Steer clear of alcohol-based formulas, as they may cause excessive dryness in certain areas. Fragrances can be irritating, so opt for fragrance-free options to minimize sensitivity.
What is a recommended face wash for combination skin that provides relief from blackheads and pores?
Use the Rice Water Foaming Face Wash to brighten and refine pores. At the same time, the Clove and Tea Tree Oil Foaming Face Wash purifies and clarifies, effectively preventing blackheads and tackling imperfections. For a radiant touch, the Brightening Tangerine Orange Face Wash illuminates and enhances clarity, providing a comprehensive solution to address specific skin concerns. Each product offers a unique approach to maintaining a healthier complexion, ensuring a well-rounded solution that prevents blackheads and promotes overall skin well-being.
How many times a day should I cleanse my face if I have combination skin?
For individuals with combination skin, it is generally recommended to cleanse the face twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. This routine helps maintain cleanliness without overstripping natural oils. Adjust the frequency based on personal needs and activities. Always use a mild cleanser suitable for combination skin to ensure a balanced and effective cleanse.