Paraben and Sulphate Free Facewash

Just like food, clothing and shelter, face wash is now the new necessity that nobody can do without. Unlike the conventional bar soap, face wash is accessible, travel friend and quite affordable on the pocket. A basic in the skincare vanity & the primary step of the CTM routine, facewash is a term known to all. Let’s start with the key questions first:

  • What does a facewash do?

A facewash clears all the dirt and sebum build up on your face.

  • Is a facewash necessary?

Absolutely! Not washing your face will cause countless skin problems like acne, excessive oiliness, dullness, dermatitis etc. And when we say a facewash is necessary, we don’t mean a formulation brimmed with soap and other harmful ingredients. We mean a sulfate and paraben free face wash!

Benefits of using sulphate and paraben free face wash

A good facewash refreshes you, cleanses your skin and most importantly is sulfate, paraben and other toxic ingredients free. Unsure if you should switch to a no soap facewash? Here are a few reasons why you must switch to a paraben and sulphate free face wash today!

  •   Extremely gentle on the skin

Unlike conventional face washes, a paraben and sulphate free face wash is mild. This means that it gets rid of the dirt and grime on the skin without stripping away its natural oil.

  • Hydrated skin minus the stretchy feel

Have you ever experienced that squeaky-clean skin feeling after washing your face? If yes, you might believe your skin is clean to the T. The reality however is quite opposite. Facewashes that give an illusion of squeaky-clean skin indicates that it’s not for you! One of the biggest perks of using a nosoap facewash is that your skin feels super clean & hydrated without that pull.

  • Good for your skin, good for the environment

Given the fact that Buds & Berries' range of sulfate and paraben free facewashes are made from ingredients that are derived naturally, it is impeccable for both your skin and the environment.

  • Works well with all skin types

It is almost impossible to know which facewash will work for you. If it doesn’t, your money is down the drain and skin infections are all time high. The best part about a nosoap natural face wash is that it works for every skin type. Whether your skin is sensitive, acne prone, oily or combination, we have the best face wash in india specially formulated for your unique type!

How to choose soap free face wash

From what we stated above, it is obvious that a soap free face wash is a no-brainer. But to be honest, that is not enough. The thing about face wash is that you need to use the right product, in the right quantity and at the right frequency for it actually to work wonders for your skin. Does this sound like a task easier said than done? Buds & Berries has your back. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right soap free face wash:

  •    Understand your skin type:

The key to finding the best sls and paraben free face wash in india is knowing your skin type in and out & tracking its change all year round.

  •       Address underlying skin concerns:

Though the primary job of a sulfate and paraben free face wash is cleansing, its secondary duty is also to help alleviate your skin of its concerns. For instance, if you have acne prone oily skin, any regular sls and paraben free face wash won’t do it. You need the best face wash for oily skin and pimples that is ALSO soap free and natural.

  • Research about the ingredients/formulation:

One thing that can never be emphasized enough – when it comes to skincare, quality of ingredients & science behind formulation are everything. Before you go ahead to buy the best natural facewash, ensure to read if its ingredient list addresses your skin type/concern.

  • Patch test & be consistent:

Skincare is different for everyone. What works for someone, might not work for someone else. Likewise, even if you purchase the paraben and sulphate free face wash because your friend/favourite blogger or anyone else recommended it, patch test is recommended. Lastly, any skin care product, especially a natural face wash will not show results in one use. Give it time to solve stubborn skin dilemmas like acne or pigmentation.

Recommendations for natural face wash

Now that we all know the many advantages of using a paraben and sulphate free face wash, the next hurdle is finding one. Well, we’ve solved that for you with our range of best sls and paraben free face wash in india – suitable for both men and women.

Dry skin beauties always complain that a facewash makes their skin drier. And if they skip it, it’s an acne attack! A simple solution for both these problems is – Buds & Berries Rice Water Foaming Facewash For Moisturising! Crafted with the goodness of rice water, a single cleanse promises long-lasting hydration, balances PH & strengthens the skin barrier. As rice water is high on proteins, this face wash does not only cleanse but also aids skin soothing, toning & minimization of large visible pores. All in all, the best face wash for dry skin

With acne being one of the major skin concerns, almost every face wash out there claims to be the best face wash for acne. What separates Buds and Berries’ Clove And Tea Tree Oil Acne Fight Facewash For Oily Acne Prone Skin from the herd is – its incredible formulation and impeccable potency. Formulated and manufactured in-house, it’s proven to reduce 99.9% of acne-causing bacteria and thus qualifies to be the best face wash for pimples. A powerful combination of clove & tea tree oil, this natural face wash is high in anti-microbial properties. As acne in most cases is due to excess sebum production, it also doubles as the best face wash for oily skin

A paraben free face wash or a sulphate free face wash that also imparts glow is a rare find. Enter Buds & Berries Tangerine Orange Facewash For Brightening! Made with the freshest oranges that are naturally high in vitamin C, this facewash is specially curated to make your glow game, strong! The best face wash for glowing skin, it also promotes collagen production, reduces dark spots & even out skin tone. 

Whether you are looking for the best facewash for oily and acne skin, the best face wash for combination skin or dry skin, at Buds & Berries, we have got something for everyone. Shop from the wide range of our paraben free and sulphate free face wash and witness your skin transform, one wash at a time!