Hair mask for Dry and Frizzy Hairs

Tame your mane with hair masks

A good hair day, every day is every person’s dream. But achieving it is a task easier said than done. Alongside choosing the right type of products, the upkeep of hair requires utmost dedication and consistency. Most people do no more than just wash their hair with shampoo. And we hate to break it to you, shampoo is the bare minimum. In fact, shampoo does nothing more than clean the grime and dirt off your scalp. If you really want to take your hair care game a level up, opting for products like hair masks, and hair serums are a good place to start.

What to know before buying a hair mask

  1.     Hair mask benefits

To define, a hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment. Though it is perceived that a hair mask is used to get super soft, shiny and bouncy hair. In reality, hair masks do a lot more. One of the primal hair mask benefits is that it helps manage all the damage caused by everyday pollution, chemical treatments, heating tools etc. Unlike conventional hair conditioners, hair masks penetrate the shaft and repair from the root. A few of the hair conditions for which a hair repair mask can work include – split ends, dry ends, brittle & weak hair, dehydrated hair, frizzy hair, etc.

  1.     Your hair type & targeted condition:

No matter how good a nourishing hair mask is, it cannot do anything for your strands if you are not using one as per your hair type and concern. For instance, you are someone with an extremely oily scalp but frizzy ends. Now if you buy the best hair mask for dandruff certainly it is not going to work for you. Instead, if you opt for a hair mask for dry frizzy hair, the probability of benefitting from it certainly rises to a whole new level. To sum up, understand your scalp & hair type along with the problem you want the hair mask to get rid of.

Furthermore, remember that hair & scalp change with the season, age, and location. Swap your hair masks when necessary.

  1.     Hair mask application:

Irrespective of what anyone says, trust us there is only one right way to apply hair masks. The first step is to use natural paraben sulfate free shampoo( as per your hair type. Towel dry your hair and take a generous amount of hair mask in your hand. Gently spread the natural hair mask across your hair strands and work it downwards. Leave it on for the duration mentioned on the pack and wash as usual. Though hair masks are recommended to use every week, if your hair is extremely damaged, you can use a hair mask for dry and damaged hair twice a week.

  •   Hair mask for dry hair: Pistachio & Argan Oil Colour Protectant Hair Mask

Everyone enjoys a head full of hair in a colour that matches their personality. But did you know that hair colouring is one of the biggest causes of brittle, dry and damaged hair? Lack of maintenance and care can cause permanent hair harm. Enter Buds & Berries Pistachio & Argan Oil Colour Protectant Hair Mask – the best hair mask for dry and damaged hair! A pistachio & argan oil hair mask in the creamiest of textures, it is thoughtfully crafted to breathe life into coloured yet dull hair. Being a clean formulation with IFRA allergen-free fragrance, it makes the best hair mask for damaged hair for even sensitive scalp types.

Frizz is a problem that persists across all hair types – curly, straight or wavy. And there is no better solution for that uncontrollable frizz other than the consistent application of Apple cider vinegar hair mask. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar & smoothening characteristic of goji berry entitles Apple Cider Vinegar & Gojiberry Anti Frizz Hair Mask by Buds & Berries as an effective product. Thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of apple cider vinegar, this also works exceptionally as a hair mask for dandruff.

Rice water has been one of the most researched & universally embraced hair care ingredients. Known to boost hair growth, reduce hair fall and enhance the overall hair quality alongside density, rice water is one solution to countless hair problems. With an aim to make the most out of rice water and its benefits, at Buds & Berries, we formulated Rice Water & Chia Seed Nourishment Hair Mask. 

A natural hair mask for dry hair that also doubles as a hair mask for hair growth, it comes with a promise of hair so soft that you cannot stop touching it! Free from sulfate, paraben, phthalate & mineral oil, the formula certainly qualifies to be one of the best hair masks for dry damaged hair. And the best part? Unlike most other rice water hair masks available in the market, the one from Buds & Berries is real 75-80% rice water starch and assures up to 12 hours of deep conditioning. 

Buy the best natural hair masks in India

Whether you use the best hair mask for dry hair or frizzy hair mask, results will not be visible until you are regular with the application. We understand in the everyday hustle and bustle, adding another step to the already cumbersome hair care routine can feel like a drag. But it doesn’t have to be. Think Sunday self care ritual as smearing a good layer of hair mask for silky hair, think girl's night out as a gua-sha/hair mask session. What we mean to say is, why make it a taxing mandate when you can make it enjoyable? 

Buy the best hair mask for thin hair, straight or curly hair on Buds & Berries. Affordable, authentic, and effectual, we have something for every hair concern & type that is as unique as you!