Buy Paraben Free Body Lotion for Summer

Body care is a concept that is often neglected. Often, most individuals pay utmost attention to their face, choose the best products and do everything it takes to maintain consistency. On the contrary, forget to provide the necessary care to the biggest skin-covered region – BODY. Just like the face, the body also goes through a lot of stress, pollution and irritation from the environment as well as clothes. This in turn can cause the skin to become dry, inflamed, cracked or dull. For something as inevitable as this, only a body wash or soap will not do the needful. Your body requires more. Your body requires nourishment, moisturization and replenishment. Your body requires a body lotion!

What is a body lotion?

A body lotion is typically described as a topical product that is applied to the body parts in order to moisturize or treat them.

What are body lotion uses?

No matter what your skin type is, a body lotion must be an inevitable part of your routine. If you believe that you are of oily skin type and don’t need a body lotion. You are wrong. You just need to use the right body lotion for oily skin. The most common uses and benefits of a body lotion are:

  •   Relieves skin from dryness.
  •   Helps alleviate conditions like eczema or dermatitis.
  •   Keeps skin soft and supple.
  •   Promotes collagen production.
  •   Boosts skin elasticity.

If you are using a body lotion with certain ingredients, pertinent benefits can be available. For instance, if you are applying a body lotion rich in Vitamin C, it automatically doubles as the best body lotion for glowing skin.

How many times a body lotion should be applied?

Though it is recommended that a body lotion must be applied at least twice a day, the answer can vary with the product, season of the year and skin type. For instance, if you are using a rich paraben free body lotion you might not require re-application multiple times. To be honest, there is no one answer for how many times a body lotion should be applied. Closely watch your skin. If it feels dry, itchy stretchy, reach for that bottle!

Tips on how to choose the best body lotion

Choosing the best body lotion in india is quite a cumbersome process. Mainly because there are way too many products in India and way too less awareness. As always, Buds & Berries has your back with tips & best body lotion recommendations! 

  •   The first step is to understand your skin type. Depending on that, you can choose from body lotion for dry skin, combination skin or oily skin.
  • Once you have determined your skin type, it is essential to assess other factors related to the purchase. For instance, what time of the year you are buying the body lotion for? Depending on the season, you will have to choose between body lotion for winter or summer. Likewise, what part of the world you stay in, and what is the climate like? If it is more humid, a lightweight body lotion for summer would be ideal.
  •   When both the skin and external condition criteria are ticked off, the last step is to shortlist products and research the ingredients. If you are someone who has excessively sensitive skin, it is best to opt for paraben free body lotion. Even if you are not, a body lotion free from these toxins reduces the chances of any unnecessary flare-ups or reactions. 

Buy paraben free body lotion

Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant, there is no better whitening body lotion in India than Buds & Berries Tangerine Orange Fruit Nourish Body Gel Lotion. Known to prevent radical damage with its natural properties, this super lightweight, pleasant smelling and paraben free body lotion will sure leave your skin mesmerized.

It is nearly impossible to find a good paraben free body lotion for dry skin. This is because the best body lotion for dry skin are either expensive, demand frequent reapplication or are simply ineffective. Meet Buds & Berries Shea Butter And Argan Oil Fruit Nourish Body Lotion. Extremely rich in texture, it intensely moisturizes even the Sahara desert kind of dry skin, with ease. With shea butter and argan oil as its prime ingredients, along with impeccable nourishment, this body lotion for dry skin will leave you smelling like a dream!

The best body lotion for summer will be something that smells tropical and feels lighter than air. Quite like Buds & Berries Kiwi Fruit Nourish Body Gel Lotion. Extremely lightweight, non-sticky texture & loaded with Vitamin C&E, it is the kind of body lotion that everyone woman needs! Thanks to its collagen boosting and skin toning properties, it makes a great skin whitening body lotion too!

Your search for the best body lotion for winter, irrespective of your skin type stop with Buds & Berries Macadamia And Vanilla Oil Nourish Body Lotion. A thoughtful formulation of macadamia nut & vanilla oil, it is hands-down one of the most moisturizing & best-smelling body lotion for dry skin. Rich in oleic & linoleic acid, it ensures your skin is hydrated for a long time minus the excessive stickiness. And the vanilla? For you to smell almost irresistible! 

How to use Body lotion

  •   Body lotion is always the last step of the body care routine.
  •   Pick the body lotion of your skin type.
  •   Ensure your skin is either damp or you have walked just out of the shower.
  •   Take a generous amount of natural body lotion in your palm and apply big dots on the body.
  •   Now rub the body lotion into the body till it gets completely absorbed.

As a thumb rule, never apply moisturizer on dry skin. If you are unsure about the skin prep, gently scratch your skin. If you see a white line forming, your skin is extremely dry. In this case, dampen the skin and then proceed with body lotion application. 

Dive into the world of natural body lotion with Buds & Berries

Whether you are looking for the best sulfate and paraben free body lotion in india or the best body lotion for dry skin in winter, at Buds & Berries, we have it all. With the cleanest & quality ingredients, we have formulated body lotions that are specially made to work for Indian skin types and climatic conditions. Try us today to wave goodbye to undernourished skin tomorrow!