What is best face wash for dry skin?
For dry skin, opt for the Tangerine Orange Foaming Face Wash with a Silicone Brush. Its brightening formula is sulphate, paraben, and phthalate-free, designed for gentle yet effective cleansing. Nourishing with natural Vitamin C, this face wash is crafted for dry skin, leaving you
with refreshed and glowing skin. The silicone brush enhances the cleansing process, clearing spots for a refreshed appearance.
how to choose cleanser for dry skin?
When choosing a cleanser for dry skin, focus on hydrating formulas without harsh ingredients.
Opt for fragrance-free options to minimize potential irritation. Look for creamy or lotion-based
cleansers that provide a gentle and moisturizing effect.
Is Vitamin C face wash is good for dry skin?

Vitamin C face wash can be beneficial for dry skin due to its antioxidant properties that may help boost hydration and brighten the skin tone. However, It's essential to select a formula with added moisturizing ingredients to prevent potential dryness. Choose a gentle, hydrating Vitamin C face wash designed for the specific needs of dry skin. Integrate it into your skincare routine
with care, ensuring it blends well with other hydrating products for optimal results.
How often should I use a face wash for dry skin?

For dry skin, use a mild face wash once or twice daily. Excessive cleansing can worsen dryness, so pick a hydrating, fragrance-free cleanser. Use moderately warm water, not hot, to prevent more dryness. Finish with a suitable moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated after cleaning.
Can I use a face wash for dry skin during the summer months?
Yes, you can use a face wash for dry skin during the summer months. Choose a lightweight, hydrating
cleanser to maintain moisture without feeling heavy. Consider using it once a day, as excessive cleansing
may still lead to dryness. Modify the usage based on your skin's needs. Always follow up with sunscreen
and a light moisturizer to protect and nourish your skin.
Which face wash is best for dry skin and blackheads?

For dry skin and blackheads, the Rice Water Face Wash Tube is an ideal choice, offering gentle cleansing with a moisturizing formula. Its pH-balanced and sulphate-free composition ensures soft, bright, and clear skin. Say goodbye to blackheads while enjoying the benefits of sulphate and paraben-free face wash designed for dry skin. Experience the nourishing effects of rice water for a refreshed and glowing look.