Best Sulphate & Paraben Free Body Wash for Summer

Smell fresh all day with Buds & Berries No Soap, SLS and Paraben free Body Wash

Gone are the days when bar soaps were an essential part of the bathing routine. Thanks to the travel friendly nature, cost-effectiveness, ability to tackle skin conditions and a serene bathing experience, body wash also known as shower gel have taken over. When chosen correctly, a body wash holds the potential to transform the way you go about your day. Not only that but it helps you get rid of underlying skin concerns like backne, dry & itchy skin, etc.

Considering the countless body gel wash options out there, how can one pick the best body wash? Buds & Berries is here to make this decision easy & logical for you:

  •   Go soap free

The best body wash is the one that doesn’t dry or irritates your skin. And this is a perk that can be unlocked only with paraben free body wash. Phthalate is a harsh surfactant and paraben is one of the most controversial preservatives out there. So, ditch them in your body wash for your skin’s sake!

  •   Analyze skin type/condition

Believe it or not, the right body wash can do more than just cleanse your body from dirt, odour, excess oil and sweat. Whether you are prone to cracked skin, inflamed barrier, backne, butt-ne, or unevenness in your body tone, chances are you are using the wrong body wash. Assess your skin issues, dive into the ingredient list before buying and witness the transformation! And of course, look for all this in a paraben and Phthalateis free body wash.

  •   Determine your fragrance preference

The best body wash in india can mean different things to different people. To actually use a body wash long enough to experience the positive changes on your skin, you ought to love it. And one of the quickest ways to fall for a body wash is with its fragrance. Be it aqua, floral, fruity or nutty, take your pick from Buds & Berries’ range of scrumptious smelling sulfate and paraben free body washes! 

Best sls and paraben free body wash in India

One of the most common myths about sls and paraben free body wash in india is that they do not lather enough, or the fragrance is not long-lasting. But this illusion can be quickly turned around with Buds & Berries’ collection of paraben and Phthalate free body wash. Rich aroma, naturally made and a plethora of benefits, just the kind of body gel wash that makes bathing a pleasurable experience!

For the ones who have a penchant for all things citrus and a subtle glow, say hello to this body whitening body wash! Refreshing fragrance and brimmed with the goodness of vitamin C and the ability to combat free radicals, Buds & Berries Tangerine Orange Detox And Refresh Bodywash certainly makes the best body wash for glowing skin. 

Finding body wash for dry skin that is also sensitive is complicated. This is because most common ingredients used to tackle dryness end up triggering sensitivity, unless you stumble upon Buds & Berries Macadamia And Vanilla Moisturizing Bodywash!

This unique combination of ingredients strikes the perfect balance between functionality & fragrance. Macadamia’s high oleic & linoleic acid levels help to reserve dry, dehydrated skin. Thanks to the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in it, Macadamia qualifies to be just the ingredient to adequately moisturize dry, sensitive skin.

What truly entitles this as the best body wash for dry skin is the fact that it makes you smell sweet, luxurious and like a delectable dessert! 

A bath stands synonymous with good hygiene practice. But at the same this, with the right body wash, bath time can be so much more. For instance, summers are unbearable in India. With mercury breaking charts and humidity making life a living hell, Buds & Berries Bulgarian Rose Detox And Refresh Bodywash promise to bring a tad of relief. The freshly handpicked Bulgarian roses used in our formulation have calming properties, act as antioxidants to keep odour/sweat at bay and make you smell like a bouquet of roses! The fact that its rejuvenating fragrance lingers for the longest time, we bet this is the best body wash for summers in India. 

Shea butter and argan oil are both known for their intense moisturizing properties. When combined, the result is the best body wash for dry skin in india! This body wash by Buds & Berries is delightfully creamy, nourishing and leaves a trail of sweet fragrance behind. A holy grail for building damaged skin barrier or excessively dry/itchy skin. 

Why Buds & Berries is the best sls free body wash brands

For some, best body wash could mean good lathering. For others, a fragrance that lasts all day long. For us, it’s both! Here are more reasons that make Buds & Berries India’s go-to sls free body wash brand:

  •   Inclusive

At Buds & Berries we believe, just like most things in this world, body wash is stereotyped. If the fragrance is fruity/floral – it is a body wash for women. If the fragrance is aqua/woody – it is a body wash for women. To break this barrier, we curated formulations that are inclusive and versatile enough to work as the best body wash for both men & women.

  •   Dermatologically Tested Body Washes

Every product, be it our sulfate & paraben free body wash or sheet mask, is formulated by experts and tested by the country’s most revered dermatologists. All this only to ensure that your skin is pampered with nothing but only the best body wash in India!

  •   Toxin-Free Body Washes

Our body shower gels are free from any toxin that puts your skin or hair at risk. Phthalate-free, Paraben free, Phthalates free, and Mineral Oil free body washes manufactured as per US, GCC, and EU standards – is promised from us to your skin!

  •   Backed By Research, Basked In Nature

Buds & Berries body washes are made specifically for the Indian skin & climatic conditions. Formulated in-house at the R&D center of Cavin Kare that has three decades of expertise using the freshest, natural & environment & skin-friendly ingredients.

How to use body wash

  • Pick an sls and paraben free body wash from Buds & Berries as per your skin type, concern and fragrance preference.
  • Soak your body in water or stand under the shower.
  • Take a coin-sized amount on a loofah, lather it a bit by squishing it and gently run it all over your body.
  • Once done, rinse off.
  • For that breath taking fragrance to last for an entire day, follow up with Buds & Berries range of body lotions & moisturizers. 

Buy the best body wash in India in a variety of fragrances, best of textures and most affordable price on Buds & Berries. Our range of SLS and paraben free body washes do more than just cleansing – they elevate your bathing experience like nothing else!