Who does not love when a cool breeze blows your hair away making you feel like the world is your rampway?! Though you might think this requires too-good-to-be-true genes, expensive products, and countless hours at the salon to achieve, in reality, it hardly takes anything. The holy grail ingredient that makes every day a good hair day is…rice water


What exactly is rice water?

Rice water is basically the white, slightly thick water left after rice is cooked and drained. When soaked and cooked rice is left overnight, the water residue from it is called fermented rice water

A now well-known trend on reels, the usage of rice water for hair growth originated somewhere in Japan. But the usage was popularized because of the Red Yao tribe women in Huangluo village also known as the 'Land of Rapunzels'. The women here claimed that rice water was the secret behind their long Rapunzel-like hair measuring six feet long, on average. This village also holds the title of the 'world's longest hair village' in the Guinness Book of World Records. 


Who can use rice water for hair?

Everyone who has hair can use rice water! It is an all-rounder ingredient for all scalp and hair types. But oily scalp beauties must limit the usage of rice water, especially if it's paired with other products.


Benefits of rice water for hair

  • Improved texture:

Rice water is a nutrient powerhouse. And one such ingredient it contains is amino acids cysteine – a hair protein that helps replenish undernourished strands and makes them stronger. 

  • Reduced hair fall:

Another crucial component found in rice water is inositol. It usually helps prevent breakage while repairing the already existing weak strands.

  • Increased glossiness: 

Not many people know that rice water is also a rich source of Vitamin B & E. Both these vitamins add immense lustre and shine to dull, damaged hair. 

  • Hello, soft hair:

75-80% of rice water composition is starch. Hence, on application, it coats and sits on the outermost layer of the hair. This, in turn, brings in that added volume and tames frizzy, unmanageable hair. In the long run, it also aids in preventing split ends whilst making detangling easy peasy. 

To sum up, the benefits of applying rice water on hair are numerous. It tackles every hair related woe – from lack of shine to receding thickness, length, bounce and even moisture! If used correctly and consistently, rice water can also promote hair growth in cases where the loss is not genetic or due to hormonal conditions. Though some people claim that fermented rice water for hair has more antioxidants than normal rice water, there is no clinical research to back the same. 


How to use rice water for hair?

There are many DIY recipes on how to make rice water for hair growthBut we wouldn’t recommend them because it is merely impossible to know the quality of every harvested rice batch, its processing mechanism and the other related factors that affect the quality of the rice water you will prepare. Instead, we would recommend you invest in R&D backed products made in a hygienic environment, following US, GCC and EU standard protocols. If you are really adamant about using DIY rice water for hair, use it as a post conditioner wash, not more than once a week. 

Let’s be honest, rice water preparation is all fun and games in the beginning. Once you get consistent, you will realize that prep and application is a big hassle. This is when our Rice water shampoo  can be your saviour! Loaded with the goodness of rice water and chia seeds, it is a No Sulphate, No Paraben, No Silicone, No Phthalate & No Gluten, Mild formula. Basically, a no-nonsense and best rice water shampoo that fetches you all the benefits of rice water without demanding a lengthy preparation process. 


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Is rice water good for hair? Yes. Will rice for hair benefits be visible with one use? No! Irrespective of how promising a product is, it cannot get magical results overnight. Consistency and patience is key!